Giving young mechanix the tools for the future

Haynes Publishing has launched its first educational training programme, working with London Youth and Prospex youth club to create the next 'Haynes MechaniX'.

Armed with a Haynes manual, and guidance from a qualified mentor and assessor, a group of 15+ year olds from Prospex, in the London Borough of Islington, are being given seven weeks of intensive training, resulting in an accredited City & Guilds qualification in car mechanics.

As well as earning a certified accreditation, the scheme equips the youth club members with the Haynes DIY spirit, encouraging them to learn and develop new skills – both life and practical – increasing their self confidence and giving them career opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

 "Through this educational partnership the participants will be introduced to the value of practical 'do it yourself' knowledge. As well as learning new technical and life skills, and gaining a respected and widely recognised qualification, Haynes hope this experience will help the young people appreciate their potential, and give them confidence in their abilities. Having completed the course, our hope is that they will apply this practical experience and knowledge in both their personal lives and when seeking future employment."
J Haynes, Group Chairman of Haynes Publishing
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